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February 22, 2018, 11:08:38 AM

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Feb 01 2011     Pre-Firelands
On 1/23/11 AD zones into BoT for the first time and downs Halfus.
It took us 4 tries, so not too shabby!

We gave Valiona & Theralion a few wacks before calling it to come back the
next night and after several attempts finally downed him! Mmmm epix.

The following raid week, we downed them all over again and decided to
head over to BWD and give Magmaw a whirl. It was a little sloppy
(scroll down for the video) but spanked that worm!

We missed a raid night due to the Superbowl but we're progressing
quite well, downing 4 bosses in one night! Adding Omnotron to the mix. Of course ALL
hunter gear dropped that night. Go figure. Grats Hazzel on all the loots.

Another week another boss! A little chaotic hearing "GET IN THE SHOCKY THING!" Wtf is a shocky thing?
Now we know! Silly us, it was the Gravity Well.  >.>  R.I.P. Ascendant Council.

We've gotten more bosses down and all that happy stuff. Grim is just too lazy to document it all. 

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